Daredevil’s black suit

You’ve seen the TV show yet?  It’s pretty good, right?  And I’m liking that black ninja suit.  It’s far more slimming than maroon.  And since you must assume by now that the outfit originated in the comics, I’ll clear up all your suspicions today.  Don’t think this is like Superman’s mullet or Superman’s electric suit or something that lasts for far longer than it should.  Daredevil wears this suit for just three issues in Daredevil: Man Without Fear #3-5, written by Frank Miller and drawn by John Romita Jr.

This miniseries chronicled Daredevil’s first days as the superhero, like Batman: Year One does. They skip over the yellow costume.



It’s the darkest Disney movie of all time.  The captured kids sing a united song to protest their bad guys captors to the same success it worked in The Hunger Games.  Recognize this above scene of Daredevil rocking the top of warehouses near the dock?  Recognize a woman being thrown into a storage container to be sold as part of a human trafficking ring?  Of course you do.  The TV show recreated the scene from the comic as the very first scene in the show.





I like Daredevil in sneakers.  What do most superheroes wear?  Boots?  They’re certainly practical and can take more punishment, but when you’ll be perched on a rooftop for eight hours a night, you’ll want something comfortable.  The final issue of the miniseries mainly consists of Daredevil beating the crap out of everybody with his nightstick and overwhelming grit, but I’m going to skip most of that to show you only the single frame pages.  They’re cool and you deserve to see them.





That second page alone makes this worth a purchase.  We sometimes forget that the non-powered (well, you know what I mean – the squishy ones) characters are still superheroes, capable of miracles and actions that flip off physics or defy logic or anything normal people think they can do, but real-life superheroes just tend to feed the homeless instead of fighting evil robots or toppling international crime rings.  So Daredevil’s about to do something impossible, but he can.  Because he’s a superhero.  And you’re not.




There you go.  Now you can go and be the most obnoxious person in your lunch group.

4 Comments on “Daredevil’s black suit”

  1. hey i just found this through a reddit link, the dr doom one, just want to thank you for taking the time to do these, i absolutely love these posts. keep up the great work

  2. Bet says:

    Daredevil looks EXACTLY like “the black ninja” which was a really bad movie about a stupid lawyer who dressed up and fought crime.
    I just checked and there is barely anything out there other than Obscuras Lupa’s review of it.

  3. Robert Kurtz says:

    DIY black suit is even older than you think – https://youtu.be/81YEcfXsa7c

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