Need a good starting point?

Check this out to read the most popular posts (and some of my non-popular favorites).  Also, now you can search for articles by character name by using the other page.  While these are all earlier articles, I promise this: the more I write, the better my writing gets.

The motivations of Doctor Doom
She-Hulk loves Juggernaut
Batman and Catwoman fight crime, fall in love
First date with Spider-Man & Ms. Marvel
The Avengers fight Nazi mechs
Thor vs. Iron Man
Life questions with Thor
Lex Luthor on Superman
Hawkeye & Spider-Woman: a love story
Professor X: memory hog
Severely mismatched super battles
Batgirl and the assassin prep school
Therapy with Batman & Nightwing
I explain the events that led up to Superior Spider-Man
Gay superheroes are the least weird things in comics

And some examples of my longer series that I’m proud of:
Spider-Man takes on Morlun, Pt. 1
Spider-Man takes on Morlun, Pt. 2
Spider-Man takes on Morlun, Pt. 3
Black Panther vs. Morlun
Superheroes and Judaism, Pt. 1
Superheroes and Judaism, Pt. 2
Superheroes and Judaism, Pt. 3

Thanks for visiting!  You’re my favorite reader!

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