To Marvel and DC lawyers

Let’s not skirt the truth: you’ve no doubt figured out I don’t really know copyright law.  And while I do know that review/commentary does allow me some freedom with posting comic book pages, it may not cover me from the sheer amount that I post.  Maybe because I’m still relatively small, you haven’t discovered this website yet.  But since I live in constant fear of an angry cease-and-desist letter every time I receive an e-mail, I figure I should address my concern.  Please understand that I’m well aware you’re a business.  And while I never plan to monetize this site (it actually costs me $18 a year for the domain name), I would like to mount a defense/plea.

My only goal is to increase sales of comics.  That’s not a suck-up sentence.  Superheroes are such an important part of my life, and when others want to explore this avenue, they have to wade through a metaphorical ocean of characters, series, and issues.  How does one ever begin to pick a starting point?  While online lists can make great references, comics and graphic novels cost about the same as a hardcover novel — a larger example of a writer or artist’s style could propel readers in a more specific and more fulfilling direction.  Or maybe a visit to their local comic book store.  Or maybe they just want to see Wolverine slash ninjas.

I’ve devoted tens of thousands of hours of my life, hordes of cash, and countless dates-gone-bad through reading, buying, and discussing comics.  Spandex-wearing dudes who punch other spandex-wearing dudes will forever be my stories of choice.  I love Breaking Bad, but a great Spider-Man story brings me far more joy and heartbreak than any hour of TV drama.  Probably because Spider-Man has been in my life for over two decades.

I’m the only one on the Internet doing a website like this, and there may be a very good (legal) reason why.  If a shut down’s inevitable, so be it.  But if you can judge me as harmless, my sole desire has always been to act in the benefit of your creations and your work.  Plus, what other website (for probably another good reason) would take the hours required to fully research, investigate, and report the important questions.  Like did She-Hulk actually sleep with Juggernaut?  Spoiler alert: sort of.

4 Comments on “To Marvel and DC lawyers”

  1. furyoffirestorm78 says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much. puts up a lot of comic scans (especially in the Spotlight sections), and they just celebrated their 13th anniversary. Keep up the great work!

  2. reecemjones says:

    I really hope it never comes to that. I really do enjoy reading your site. I just noticed you added me to a list on your site. Thanks so much. If I can even figure out how to do the same on mine, I will return the favour 🙂

  3. MaGana says:

    I’ve spent a lot of hours reading your posts! Love your blog. Your goal is to increase the sales of comics? Well, it worked for me! Thanks to you I purchased the Nova series you featured and am now a big fan of Richard Rider! ^_^

  4. davilmar says:

    The work you have posted in this blog is nothing short of phenomenal. Since I started reading comics again after a several year hiatus, I am glad to see someone both eloquent and talented in commentary. Keep up the good work, and I remain a great fan of your comics contributions!

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