Luke Cage & Jessica Jones get married

Our theme this week seems to be super sad endings, so let’s close out today with something happy.

Luke Cage premiered in 1972, as a street tough youth who was jailed for a crime he didn’t commit.  I know, fictional police and lawyers are really awful at their jobs.  There, he was subjected to a science experiment that gave him super strength and unbreakable skin.  So like knives or bullets can’t penetrate his body.  Realizing he needs to make some money, he starts Heroes for Hire, a superhero team that will help you out as long as you can afford them.  Also, his first costume looked like this:

Tiara, silk shirt open to his navel, and a motorcycle chain as a belt.  Let’s not beat around the bush – he started out as a blaxsploitation superhero.  I’d like to show you his earliest comics, but they border on racist.  Over time, he evolved into one of most reliable, likable, and toughest superheroes, even serving as the leader of the Thunderbolts and New Avengers.  And most importantly, now his outfit is just a t-shirt and jeans.

Jessica Jones is another matter entirely.  She’s the hard-drinking, chain-smoking, former Avenger private eye with a mouth that prevents most of her panels from being used in this article.  Jones was first introduced in the comic Alias in 2001, written by Brian Michael Bendis.  Alias printed under the MAX comic line, aimed at adults but still very much within the Marvel universe.  You’d be looking for quite a while to find a character with more self-loathing and latent anger than Jones.  Plus, many of her comics look like this:

Long story short with no spoilers, she used to be the bubbly superhero Jewel, who after an accident gained a little super strength and flight.  After a horrific encounter with a horrific supervillain, she’s significantly scarred both physically and psychologically.  So she quits the superhero business.  But after a few flings with Cage, the two finally have the heart-to-heart talk they’ve desperately needed for 28 issues.

Cage doesn’t often spill his feelings (never), and for a man with unbreakable skin to expose his heart (sorry), please understand this is a fantastic moment.  But oh, it gets better.

With that, the two officially become a couple.  Fast forward a year or so later and baby Danielle (named after Iron Fist Danny Rand) sprung forth healthy and a welcome part of the Cage/Jones family. All that’s missing in their relationship is one final act of commitment:

No, not that.

I said not that.

I’m talking about the title of the article and the whole reason we picked up New Avengers Annual #1, also written by Brian Michael Bendis.  Because honestly, only Luke Cage can handle the sweeping mood changes and ferocity of the feisty Jessica Jones.  So let’s get right to the heart of the article – no more need to waste time.

Don’t let the celebratory nature of these panels distract you from the fact that Wolverine used a traditional Yiddish phrase.

I’m inclined to mention that in the pictures up to this point, Jessica hasn’t appeared terribly lovable. Trust me, she’s definitely a mess.  The whole focus of Alias and the follow up series The Pulse followed her major insecurities and crippling emotional issues.  But she’s absolutely worth the mountain of a man she’s marrying.  And the wedding itself will prove it.

See?  Luke Cage helped her put the drunken, masochistic lifestyle behind and allowed her to embrace the joy and tranquility she hasn’t experienced in years.  I promise you have a happy ending.  To this day, the two are still married, still in love, and neither one has turned out to be a Skrull, android, or Russian spy.  Feels good, right?

While the infant hasn’t developed any superpowers, it’s really only a matter of time.  Wait five years and a rugged, time-traveling Danielle Cage will burst through some dimensional gate to help the Avengers take down Thanos or Dormammu or whoever.  But for now, let’s enjoy the simple moments. Moments that let us forget Luke Cage ever wore a tiara.

5 Comments on “Luke Cage & Jessica Jones get married”

  1. samcactus101 says:

    Wow. I really enjoyed reading this one. Cage & Jessica forever!

  2. terrell D says:

    love this all of this

  3. Amanda says:

    This post gave me all the warm feels. I don’t even really read up on these two very much, but now I’m wanting to.

    But is no one going to talk about Mary Jane shoving the baby in Peter’s face in the background of that one panel? Is the baby setting off his spider-sense? lol

    • Amanda says:

      Oh and, are we also not going to talk about how the guy marrying them is totally Stan Lee? lol

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