A Spider-Man love story interlude

Thanks to my new best friend Doug Fuchs (whose website you should totally visit), I realized how long it’s been since a Spider-Man article.  So let’s have a week of them.  Or two.  Or three.  We deserve it.

I know I’m not interrupting anything, and an “interlude” title makes no sense, but today I want us to see an adorable little side story from Spider-Man Unlimited #4, written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Cory Walker & Scott Hanna.  And truthfully, Spider-Man only plays a side role (a punching side role).  But when something charms me like this short story does, I’d be a jerk not to share it with those I love (readers).



A man trapped in an ongoing bank robbery witnesses the girl of his dreams.  No better way to tell your grandkids how you met than during a traumatic bonding experience.  I’m a big fan of blossoming love, especially in comics.


Do you know the supervillains Powerhouse and Masterblaster?  You do?  You’re amazing, because they’re wildly minor X-Men villains.  I had to look them up on Wikipedia.  Oh yeah, and Spider-Man shows up.  His name adorns the title of the series, after all.


Sometimes I’m surprised dojos don’t line every street corner in New York City.  The collateral damage these superpowered fights alone involves expertly dodging all sorts of glass, rubble, and recently kung fu’d bodies.  Sure, Spider-Man can do a flying jump kick across a city block, but he can’t web every piece of debris hurling through the air.  I mean, he probably could, depending on the writer (or in my heart).




You wonder why people think Spider-Man’s a menace?  Because they see buildings collapse around them every day from his brawls.  Captain America goes to space, announces he took down Thanos, and everyone politely claps.  Or maybe propaganda’s in bad taste when the man holds the name of our country.  And fought in every major battle of World War II.  And went into space and took down Thanos.  Either way, at least Spider-Man didn’t prevent true love today.




See?  Super charming.  You’re in a better mood for having read this story.  Next time we’ll jump into Spider-Man’s supporting cast.  It’s investigative, which is when I feel the most important.

5 Comments on “A Spider-Man love story interlude”

  1. James says:

    Marvel should produce a Superior Spider-Man & Mystique love story. 🙂

  2. Oh that was a great one. Never read this before and really enjoyed the nice twist at the end. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Amanda says:

    I actually figured it was the super villain woman from the get go. I didn’t even notice the other lady at first.

  4. vriand says:

    haha lovely ending..i thought it was the skirt-girl

  5. Wow. Wasn’t expecting that ending. Very funny twist. Nice comic

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