Batman and Superman switch powers, Pt. 3

Before we begin, have you seen the cover for Superman/Batman #56?  You should.  It’s the issue we read today.  Plus it includes Superman’s Batman-esque costume he received from Alfred last issue.


Right?  Isn’t that awesome?  For those who don’t know iconic pictures of American history, artists Rags Morales and Nei Ruffino recreated a super famous boxing photo of Muhammad Ali standing victorious over Sonny Liston back in 1965.  Here’s the original:


I know, it’s great.  Let’s get to the issue.  Our big finale!  It’s well worth the wait, to which you should go buy the arc as soon as you finish this article because your friends will be impressed and women will be attracted to you.  Probably.  Look, let’s not beat around the bush, you know what’s going to happen: lots of angry punching.  But remember last time when Nightwing exposed a Superman-vulnerability to our Dark Knight of Steel?  Mainly the dark part.  Superman gets his powers from our yellow sun, much like Birdman.  So constant exposure to sunlight keeps Superman at 100%, something to keep in mind coming up.




Batman brings up a good point.  If Superman can take hits far beyond the ability of a normal man, our secret aggressor no longer has to hold back.  Meaning in the 75 years of Batman history, you just witnessed Batman taking the most powerful, brutal, no-holds-barred punch ever in his entire history courtesy of Superman’s girlfriend (and feminist icon, strong solo character, and everything else associated with the most recognizable female superhero in comics — please don’t flame me).


Spoiler alert: Batman does it the hard way.  So if the Dark Knight’s hard to beat in his normal squishy form, then the Justice League’s about to have their butt handed to them.  As he mentions and as we know, Batman fights dirty and you’d have to be crazy to go up against him in a fair fight (like most of his rogues gallery).  And for reference, yes, this is the mentally unstable Batman they’re facing — the one we’ve seen in the previous two parts consumed and pushed over the edge by the major superpower surge.  Though it doesn’t make these next few pages any less satisfying.






So let’s talk about this scene.  Let’s admire that the Justice League straight up stops the fight because they know three pages in they won’t be able to win.  But those crazy voices?  Besides being a scene I’m going to skip?  It’s one of the most effective ways to stop Superman: mess with his mind.  Use illusions, fight emotionally instead of physically, use truth bombs, etc.  Superman may be a Man of Steel, but he has a paper-thin heart.  We’ll skip Batman crying about his parents, but indulge in Batman’s final maniacal monologue (though on a small level, it is correct) before Clark Kent and Zatanna play their hand.




Don’t despair, you know this is what Batman really wanted.  We saw how the venom made Batman into a similar monster.  He simply doesn’t cope well with superpowers no matter how much he claims otherwise, much like me and a bottle of wine.  Look, I adore Batman and we all knew the status quo would force the two’s switch to reverse itself.  But as readers, writers, and Batman himself have pointed out constantly, the only real difference between him and his rogues gallery is that Batman’s obsession is justice as opposed to anything evil.  And honestly, it’s my favorite thing about him.  After batarangs.



Bittersweet endings still qualify as happy endings.

4 Comments on “Batman and Superman switch powers, Pt. 3”

  1. Reblogged this on Twilit Dreams Circle and commented:
    Maybe it’s for the best. The was things were going it was looking like Injustice Gods Among Us all over again.

  2. Callum says:

    Batman with supermans powers would hands down be the most powerful superhero by far. The justice league, each with the power to level cities and dominate the planet, would all fall to him in a matter of minutes. Imagine a shadow with virtually unlimited power, no mental limitations and traveling at light speed. If they both could have the power it would be awesome! Except without the power superman is just Clark Kent, and batman without the power is still one of the most powerful members of the justice league so superman takes priority if there was only one to go around. But I was definitely rooting for batman even as he spiralled into madness. I would have preferred it if he leveled the street and left zatanna and Clark in the dust then flew away and resumed being a badass

    • X says:

      Not true. Superman may not be a awesome fighter without his power, but he has the charisma and humanity that no one else does. He’s the guy who can able to save lives without fighting. Clark Kent is not to be looked down on.

  3. Ankit Gopinath says:

    I think there’s no real point in granting batman the full extent of supermans powers…or really any superpowers for that matter.
    That’s the main reason why there needs to be a batman. His power is a personification of will. Superman had the exact same powers his whole life but can never really scratch the surface of his potential. He’s more of a, as Batman himself puts it, a boy scout, meant to represent the golden ideals humanity values.
    But Batman is probably the most realistically powerful superhero to ever exist. The reason this madness was brought about can be explained by comparing him to a simple laser gun.
    Why you ask? If supermans powers can be represented by a single laser capable of causing minor damage, then imagine the source for this energy as Batmans incomparable will (barely even taking into account his genius level intellect- which is a gamechanger in and of itself). That simple laser is now converted to an unending storm of destruction.
    With a weapon like that, it nullifies the point of superheroes altogether.
    It’s essentially the Thanos snap for all evil on earth.

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