Red Robin strikes again

Do you ever wonder how Batman has lived as long as he has?  The man has fought in huge battles, challenging foes far stronger and faster than he, and yet he comes out victorious every time.  He has a bunch of gadgets on his belt, but realistically, how could he survive all those fights?  Besides writers’ whims and incredible luck (also a fictional character), it comes down to Batman’s training.  We’re going to look at an example of that through the eyes of Tim Drake, the third Robin.

Batman educated a lot of Robins.  Dick Grayson grew up as an acrobat in the circus, possessing a natural athleticism and talent for combat.  Jason Todd spent most his life on the streets, learning to survive in an unwelcome and hostile environment.  Damian Wayne served his entire childhood training with the League of Assassins.  But what about Drake?  He grew up in a well-adjusted home with both parents alive, never needing any of the skills the other Robins picked up at an early age.  So what made him such a great candidate for Robin?  Well, he’s quite possibly the greatest detective and strategist in the entire Bat family.

Fighting skills he can pick up by working with Batman and others.  But despite having no superpowers and only being 17 years old, his intelligence makes him one of the toughest opponents in the DC universe.  Proof provided in Red Robin #8, written by Christopher Yost.

Drake, now known as Red Robin, has himself in a bit of a predicament.  Seven highly trained, deadly assassins from the Council of Spiders have surrounded Drake.  And that girl?  That’s Tam Fox, a scared, normal civilian he needs to protect.  How’s he going to win?  Being a strategic mastermind, that’s how.

The opponents are sized up, our main characters have wet themselves, and our fight begins.  Seven superpowered killers versus one teenager with a bo staff.

My opinion on the rumble odds means very little.  I don’t get into a lot of fights.  But you know who does?  Ra’s al Ghul, the leader of the League of Assassins and rude supervillain.  If you can get past his terrible facial hair, he has hundreds of years of combat experience.  What do you think, Ra’s?

See?  And if you’ve learned anything about supervillains, you know they usually aren’t big on compliments.  Gloating, yes, but not praise.  Want to see Red Robin win the fight?  Want to see why Batman and his proteges take down so many baddies?

Not bad for a senior in high school, right?  Not even half a minute in, he can get the girl to safety and then solely focus on incapacitating the rest of the assassins.  Hey, do you remember when a superhero comic went well and the mission was completed without any problems or new situations?  I don’t either.  From a literary standpoint, it shows the protagonist’s ongoing struggle with forces beyond his control.  From a comic book standpoint, it makes the story awesome.

Oh, forgot to mention he does have a few allies running around.  Though he really could have used them 23 seconds earlier.  Finally, there’s two assassins left.  Yes, they’re among the toughest in the world, but I’ve played Batman: Arkham City.  The Bat family’s taking on twenty henchmen at once. Certainly Red Robin can handle the two remaining supervillains.

I mean, one remaining supervillain.  Though now our hero has to fight the boss lady.  The one in that revealing formal tribal wear or whatever that outfit is called.  She possesses a cool superpower where if she touches bare skin, that person’s dead.  Honestly, that power’s way better than the six arms or giant spider body her teammates have.

Enjoy the final battle.  We have Red Robin, who’s been fighting crime at Batman’s side since he was nine, versus the Wanderer, making her first comic book appearance ever in this series.  And if anyone is going to kill Drake, it’s going to a major bad guy, not this woman in a WWE costume who doesn’t even wear shoes.  But it’ll be close.

Feels good, right?  And this is Drake after only eight years of training.  Imagine how quickly and efficiently Batman, with fifteen to twenty years under his belt, could have taken down these losers? That’s why Bruce Wayne holds his own fighting alien invaders alongside Green Lanterns and Men of Steel.  Though for your sake, Batman, you have exceeded all expectations in your combat training. You’re done.  Take a break and let’s work on not being so grumpy.

3 Comments on “Red Robin strikes again”

  1. Korey Daniel says:

    Nice fight

  2. Célia says:

    “He grew up in a well-adjusted home with both parents alive” I’m sorry but i gotta ask, how is being ignored by your parents and living either in a boarding school or alone at home while your parents run around the world (the father only remembering he has a son when he’s paralyze and forced to stay at home), considered “well-adjusted” ? (especially since all of Tim’s emotional issues come from this family situation and not from his BatTraining

    “We have Red Robin, who’s been fighting crime at Batman’s side since he was nine”
    14 actually, he started training when he was 13 and was trained the most to take the Robin mantle out of all those who wore the costume (the minimum being a 2-3 months on and off for Steph and pretty much none for Damian since his own training required to learn how to work with people).

    So technically he’s only been in the gig for almost 5 years (he’s not yet 18 by the end of Red Robin), the first being spent training or on monitor duty, mostly assisting the detective work.

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