The Avengers fight Nazi mechs

Hey, did you know last year, the Avengers fought an army of Nazis mechs?  I’m serious.

It’s scary stuff.  And more importantly, a delightful part of the Fear Itself event, the main series written by Matt Fraction.  It’s kind of a complicated mess, so let me explain briefly.

You know Red Skull?  Captain America’s main baddie?  Hitler’s right hand man?  Well, he’s dead. His daughter, Sin (who also has a skull face), found a magical Thor-esque hammer and used it to call forth Serpent, some evil Thor legend.  Sin gathers up a Nazi mech army she just had lying around and plans to conquer Washington DC and New York City.  Thus starts Fear Itself.

I have two purposes here today.  I want to show you cool pictures of the Avengers fighting Nazis, because what sensible person wouldn’t want to see that?  And also, when fighting an evil Thor Nazi army, you’re going to need a leader for the good guys.  A strong, passionate, respected leader. Patriotic wouldn’t hurt.  First though, let’s see some fighting.

The fight began in the DC, as you can see from the Capitol Building exploding.  I’m always surprised at how many Nazis still run around in the Marvel universe.  Sin didn’t break out all the Aryan Brotherhood members from prison.  Nope, these are just your normal everyday Nazi mech pilots running around.  Who will save Obama?

While that’s totally a real kung fu guy, that Captain America is not the same captain who commanded the Hulk in the movies.  That’s Bucky Barnes, Cap’s sidekick from WWII turned Russian super spy turned vigilante turned new Captain America.  His team doesn’t do so well, since none of them have superpower to destroy giant robots.  Also, Bucky gets killed.  Hammer through the chest.  But don’t shed any tears, because no one stays dead for long (he’s already back).

Now the fight moves to New York, where half the superhero community lives.  And we get to see lots of cool dramatic pictures of superhero posing while explosions rock the background.

That’s Daredevil.  He totally takes out all of those, because you don’t mess with Daredevil.

I could end the article right here and I’d be 100% satisfied.  I love comics.

But as strong as the Avengers are (very), they’re lacking the coordination and leadership that will bring about their victory.  If only a man would parachute into the fray to inspire hope for the weary troops. Who could stop our heroes now?

Except for the giant evil hammer-wielding supervillains, I guess.  A Red Skull offspring is still a Red Skull.  Don’t you get that twinge of excitement when your favorite heroes go up against their most well-known and dangerous villains?  What about when their villains now have Thor powers?  We love when superheroes go shopping or play cards, but nothing gets the juices flowing more than punching.  And the more significant the baddie who gets punched, the faster the juices flow.  In a non-dirty way.

So the fight’s not going well.  He’ll persevere, even when Sin’s boss shows up.  Like watch this move:

Oh, never mind.  That’s bad.  Someone doesn’t want to play.

But the Avengers pull off a win.  Yes, the city is ruined.  Yes, Avengers tower collapsed.  And it’s less of a win as much as the fight shifts to Oklahoma, where Asgard resides.  Y’see, the Serpent, who commands all the evil hammer monsters, is less focused on conquering the world as much as taking down Odin, Thor, and all the Nordic gods.  But Odin and his army ain’t fighting.  And you know who it pisses off?  You’re absolutely right: Captain America.  Especially when Thor got his butt kicked back in New York.  He fought well, but as strong as Thor is, he has a bit of trouble taking down a possessed Hulk and Thing.  At the same time.  Both with Thor powers.  A+ for effort though.

Odin refuses, because he’s an old-fashioned jerk.  Not going to stop the captain.  He doesn’t need an army or shield or hope.  That man fought in every major battle in WWII and a Nazi mech army with hammers isn’t going to be enough to take him down.  Maybe.

And that’s where issue six of seven ends.  And this is what begins the final issue:

Many non-comic book readers don’t give Captain America enough credit.  He’s not as fast or strong as the other Avengers, but none of the others would single-handed fight an entire army of gods.  With just bullets.  Well, Wolverine probably would, but he’s not there.  And because conflicts thrive on last minute saves, the Avengers finally show up.  With cool new weapons.

But what about poor Captain America?  He lost his shield and in the comic book world, a hunting rifle can’t compete with a magic battleaxe.  Even Thor gets an awesome suit of armor and mystical sword. It’s all good, because turns out the thunder god has an extra weapon lying around.  Y’know, the one with the engraving, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” 

Do the superheroes win?  Yes, of course they do because we’re post-Heroic Age.  But read Fear Itself and tie-ins.  The fight scenes are wonderful, the conflicts huge, and the characters emotional.  You deserve it.

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