X-Men vs. Juggernaut, Pt. 1

Not any Juggernaut, this one:


Y’see, during the Marvel Fear Itself event, seven magical evil Thor hammers fell to Earth.  Each one transformed the respective hero/villain into a way tougher version of themselves.  Also, now with a giant hammer.  Juggernaut got to be one of those lucky seven, but unfortunately the main side effect is becoming the mindless slave of a forgotten Asgardian supervillain.  That’s the breaks.

A few articles ago, I briefly mentioned that when Cyclops assumed leadership of the X-Men from Professor X, he turned it from a school into an army.  That’s not an exaggeration, and Uncanny X-Men #540-543, written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Greg Land, is the perfect arc to prove it.  By the way, if you get a chance, check out Gillen’s entire run on Journey Into Mystery.  I can’t begin to explain how amazingly wonderful it is.  A superb literary achievement.



With a rampaging Juggernaut heading towards the X-Men’s base of operations near San Francisco, it’s time for America’s favorite mutants to jump into action.  Also, I guess to deal with that half-naked oracle as well.  First, Cyclops and the mayor of San Francisco have a combat briefing.  Polite diplomacy and all.



That’s Emma Frost in a cowboy outfit.  Emma being Emma.  Think the power of Jean Grey with none of the vices like modesty or prudence.  As usual, fights like the one about to happen always start off the same.  Cyclops will take his A-team into battle and see how they fare.  Test the waters.  You probably know how this is going to go.


If you ever have any doubt of Cyclops’ awesomeness, you should have all that erased by the end of part two.  Currently, the main X-Men roster consists of Cyclops, Kitty Pryde, Colossus, Iceman, Magneto, and Emma Frost.  And honestly, that team alone would be able to pretty easily wipe out the Avengers, much less Magento’s former henchman.




So far, the helmet idea isn’t going accordingly.  Let Magneto, master of magnetism, handle this.



Look, military commanders have setbacks all the time.  It’s how the deal with the next step that makes them great.  And Cyclops is great.  Witness one of the most famous lines in recent comic history:


Plan 2 commence:


Hope Summers, the teenage Mutant Messiah, has the power to mimic any abilities of those around her.  So Cyclops surrounded her with all the mutants.



Mission success!  Turns out a hundred mutant powers at once can rip the helmet off a God-like being. Time to for Emma to be useful and psychically shut the monster down.


Oops.  With that, the second half of the arc and another twenty images will conclude Friday, including a story development that changes one of the X-Men permanently.  How’s that for a tease?

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