Red Hulk brawls, Pt. 2

Red Hulk changed over the course of the Hulk series.  He started out as a chauvinistic, despicable Hulk — punching, scheming, growling, making threats, etc.  But once Hulk #25 began, the series went in a different direction.  Since General “Thunderbolt” Ross doesn’t have all the years of loneliness and angst his green pal possesses, the Hulk stories focused more on adventures and plot rather than the internal heartbreaking struggle of two conflicting personas.  Red Hulk still punches, schemes, growls, and makes threats — just as a good guy now.

We’ll cover two more fights today and two more on Monday.  I’m a sucker for Hulks.  Enjoy some scenes from Hulk #7-9, written by Jeph Loeb and drawn by Frank Cho, as well as Hulk #26, written by Jeff Parker and drawn by Gabriel Hardman.

As I hate to waste a good match up, let’s begin with round two of Thor and Red Hulk.  Especially after that embarrassing defeat Thor suffered at Red Hulk’s hand previously.



Thor’s not much of a conversationalist.  Last time the Red Hulk showed up, Thor got thrown to the moon, so maybe Thor’s lack of hesitation serves as a safer method of battle.  Well, that and the thunder god’s not much for the subtleties of messages.  Plus, Ross really deserves a revenge beating.



In the comic book world, everyone’s not only a martial arts master, but also a super genius.  The best and brightest of humanity and space putting on silly costumes and pummeling bad guys.  But no one would call Thor a super genius.  The god’s valiant, strong, and charismatic, but he’d do far better smashing ice giants than taking a math test.  I’m okay with that; who need chemistry when you can juggle mountains?



A solid point brought up by Thor.  Also in fiction, it’s never a good sign when the bones are visible outside the body.  With Red Hulk thoroughly humbled and the scheduled team-up able to resume, Thor lets loose a secret.  A delightful secret.


Thor: god of thunder, lightning, and pettiness.

As we ended the first part on Wednesday with a Red Hulk versus Hulk fight, I figured I could do the second best thing.  Jennifer Walters (SHIELD agent, lawyer, Hulk’s cousin, and who definitely did not sleep with the Juggernaut) gets tasked to hunt down this Red Hulk and bring him to justice.  And by justice, I mean smack the crap out of him.  Also, she can bring some buddies.


Unfortunately, a Hulk tends to be extremely difficult to take down.  Especially a tactical genius with decades of military experience like Ross.  And more importantly, he can turn lesser superheroes into goo with a single punch.




Here, he makes a bunch of stereotypical male-pig comments that I’m skipping.  To be fair to Red Hulk, this was near the beginning of the series where he had established himself firmly as a villain. Also, isn’t Ross like 60 years old?  Different generation, right?  Luckily, our superheroines can strategize beyond Operation Tackle the Red Rage Monster.




Now he gets his butt kicked.  Flower power and whatnot.



Remember a few pictures up when I mentioned the difficulty in taking down a Hulk?  Pesky Hulks heal from major damage within seconds, which only adds to the list of insanely powerful superpowers. Though if you need to feel better, they can’t wear shirts without them being ripped apart during the transformation.  So there’s that.



Turns out She-Hulk has far more friends than we expected.  Some more effective than others, but defeating a Hulk is a numbers game — like usually an entire squad of Avengers.



Beautifully done close-up of Red Hulk’s newly broken nose.  Whether or not Hardman planned to pursue an art career where he drew face punches, this certainly adds a bit of flavor to his portfolio.  I’m saying he should enlarge that panel and make it his computer wallpaper.



I imagine like most policemen, a superhero job involves brief flashes of excitement followed by long stretches of waiting and paperwork.


Look, patience pays off.  With Red Hulk’s civilian identity in SHIELD’s dossier, they can manipulate or keep track of Red Hulk so as to protect whatever green Hulk he tries to beat to death.  Are you ready for the exciting reveal?  I mean, you already know who he is, but the other characters certainly don’t.


Never mind, he gets away.  Next time, we’ll have the final part — and maybe I’ll find a fight he actually wins.

3 Comments on “Red Hulk brawls, Pt. 2”

  1. I really like the red hulk for some reason other than it is a “hulk” and it also shows an elemental aspect like “fire is anger” kind of thing.

    I like the essence of the hulk that is the freedom to express the anger without regard of the consequences and lash out until all emotion is spent xD

  2. Steve D says:

    That second fight is just aces. The whole issue was really good – it’s almost like Parker’s run was one long apology for everything that had come before, in terms of how much more interesting (and relatable) Rulk became once he lost the Power of the Loebforce.

    Are you gonna do the ghost hunt from Hulk #50? That was a fun one.

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