Power Girl fights dinosaurs

Alongside Superman and Zatanna, but they get plenty of coverage elsewhere.  Fresh off Power Girl’s loss against Wonder Woman last article, I figure our Earth-Two Supergirl deserves some spotlight of her own.  Plus, her solo series remains one of my absolute favorite comics in the pre-New 52 era of DC comics.  That and Batgirl.  So let’s watch her battle prehistoric monsters in Power Girl #22-23, written by Judd Winick and drawn by Sami Basri.  Because you deserve it.



Normally I don’t post the first five pages of an issue.  Fear of retribution, mainly, but this time I can’t see a reason around it.  If Winick wrote a two issue arc where two wildly powerful superheroes fight wildly powerful dinosaurs, I’m under an obligation to show you as much as I can.  It’s the reason we read comics in the first place.




The Superman family possesses some very popular and famous weaknesses.  Kryptonite, obviously. Doomsday punches, I guess.  But because of the scientific nature of Krypton and their acquisition of powers, the Superman family also has no resistance to magic.  While normal dinosaurs require braces after chomping down on Superman or Power Girl (or Supergirl or Superboy or Krypto or Comet the Super-Horse or Streaky the Supercat or Beppo the Supermonkey — the 1960s were a weird time for Superman comics), magical dinosaurs slice right through that invulnerable skin of theirs.  And just because Superman doesn’t have the genius intellect of Batman, it doesn’t mean he can’t investigate quandaries in his own way — usually flying through stuff.





Rogue magicians always cause such problems, though a hoodie does make a suitable makeshift wizard robe.  Luckily, like when the Marvel universe constantly rings up Doctor Strange during magical emergencies, Zatanna serves that role for DC — gagged or not.  If you’re not familiar with her, she casts magic spells by reciting them backwards.

Y’know, I’ve thought about why I love Power Girl so much (it’s not the boob window), and I’ve realized it’s the way her dialogue simultaneously makes her appear both delighted and annoyed by every situation that pops up.  But first, here are the best recap pages I’ve ever seen:



Now Zatanna time.



You can YouTube the song if you want.  Sting sings it.  Finally, our antagonist gets to fight for his victory.  No more lumberjack minigun-toting dinosaurs to back him up.  How Superman and Power Girl find him matters far less than that Superman and Power Girl do find him.





The battle lasts the rest of the issue.  I’m only going to show you brief parts to encourage you to purchase the story for yourself.  Also, fear of retribution.  Always fear of retribution.




Like most forms of entertainment, I use comic books as an escape.  So while I totally admire, fall in love with, and deeply respect the intense, shoot a laser gun at my crying heart-type stories, nothing makes me happier than something silly and fun.  Like a surprise Sasquatch attack.


Our story ends happily and everyone gets what they deserve — the way I like it.

One Comment on “Power Girl fights dinosaurs”

  1. Gordon says:

    How does Zatanna get captured in the first place?

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