Wonder Woman vs. Power Girl

Good debates always rely on facts.  Well, this’ll be the opus to my argument I’ve been screaming since I’ve started this blog: Wonder Woman would absolutely slaugter Superman.  She’s just a better fighter.  Not a better role model.  Not a better power set.  But totally a better fighter.  Power Girl will be taking on the Superman role today as she’s an alternative dimension Supergirl (like the Man of Steel without that pesky Kryptonite weakness).  Though you may know her best from her costume possessing that dreaded “boob window” for which I shake my fist at the metaphorical heavens.  Still, Power Girl’s a super awesome character and you should read her solo series that ran from 2009 to 2011.  Or check out a previous article I’m shamelessly plugging.

Today, Wonder Woman takes on Power Girl in Wonder Woman #40-41, volume three, written by Gail Simone and drawn by Aaron Lopresti, Chris Batista, & Fernando Dagnino.  It’s going to be cool.  But before that, Wonder Woman’s out doing normal Wonder Woman stuff:


If a gigantic legendary monster doesn’t pose a threat, how hard can Supergirl’s bustier twin be?  The plot revolves around five young boys, the demonic offspring of Ares and unwary Amazons.  They’ll convince Power Girl to wail on our hero through smoke, mirrors, and all sorts of other tricks.  Either way, you’re going to witness an incredible fight between two combatants who don’t wear pants.


By beating down Wonder Woman, I guess.



We’re all aware of the power that Superman and his family hold.  Power Girl gets drawn with She-Hulk-esque muscles, and for good reason.  Even Krypto can juggle mountains.  I mean, I figure if the mountain lands on the the tip of his nose and he catches it Air Bud style.  But I think we forget the crazy levels of strength coming from our Amazonian princess.  Not quite the extent of Superman, but she would give him a hell of an arm wrestling match.  She also can’t shoot lasers out of her eyes, but no one’s perfect.



That’s right, slightly peeved Wonder Woman will smash any pseudo-Kryptonian face.  Or Kryptonian. Power Girl’s origin changes every few years.  Regardless, how’s round two going to go?



Okay, so not much better.  International smacking is still probably better than flung through a multi-story parking garage.  The only real fault with a superhero versus superhero fight is all those feelings and morality getting in the way of true potential.  Why does Batman stand a chance against Superman?  Mainly because Superman’s too heroic to smush Batman into paste the second he attempts to pull out a Kryptonite batarang.  Holding back and whatnot.  And yes, we totally get some of that — they are superheroes after all.  But Wonder Woman’s compassion is only matched by her competitiveness.


The narration now switches to Power Girl.



I’m not a woman, but I’ve seen enough Real Housewives to know that women often hate other women for petty reasons, like one being wildly superior to the other.  And when these women can play baseball with city buses, they have the ability to lash out far beyond scratching each other with fake nails.  Also, Power Girl’s biceps are larger than Batman’s.  Narration switches back to Diana halfway down the page.


Superman hasn’t been trained in combat since the day he came out the womb.  Sure, Batman gave him the basics, but it can’t make up for the sheer talent and skill the princess of Themyscira wields. And that, my dear readers, will consistently trump Superman’s crazy power.  Though if instead of combat, they had a farming or reigniting the sun competition, he would totally take gold.



Wonder Woman always wins with grace and respect, and that’s probably why all the other women hate her.  Afterward, the two team up to defeat the Ares kids, because friends rarely punch their friends into Canada.


So that’s why she has a boob window — to avoid mustard stains.

9 Comments on “Wonder Woman vs. Power Girl”

  1. furyoffirestorm78 says:

    I agree with you on Wonder Woman. She may not have the wide array of powers that Supes has, and might not be as strong, but she’s a much better fighter and she doesn’t hold back like Clark does. Since WW is made of magical clay, shouldn’t her punches have more effect on Kal-El than punches from a non-magical entity of the same strength level as Diana?

    • Joe Snow says:

      Clark has to hold back, or else he risks killing someone, unless he is fighting the likes of Darkseid or Doomsday, then he can let his full power out. Wonder Woman would have to do the same, if she was fighting a mortal villain. Power Girl can take the punishment, though.

  2. dreager1 says:

    That was definitely a great fight! I don’t think that she could defeat Superman in a fight, but her abilities are on a very close level and she is a better close combat fighter. (Although the old Superman from the 40’s-60’s may have made it a good fight)

    • Joe Snow says:

      Wonder Woman has already defeated Superman. She has an arsenal of magical weapons, and other gear, that Superman is just as vulnerable to as any normal human would be. She cut his throat, with the edge of her tiara. Not deep enough to kill him, but enough to show him that she has the means to kill him, if she chooses to do so.

      • dreager1 says:

        True but Superman holds back. At his best he’s just too fast and strong so she wouldn’t be able to land any counter blows against him. She’s still very tough thogh

  3. Mir says:

    “I’m not a woman, but I’ve seen enough Real Housewives to know that women often hate other women for petty reasons, like one being wildly superior to the other.”

    You don´t need to be a woman or watch Real Housewives, this is somenthing PEOPLE do, no matter what gender they have.

  4. lordrevangr says:

    Power Girl would destroy Wonder Woman on her best day, EZ mode.

  5. shnn243 says:

    Thanks for this. As this story shows, WW and PG are almost physically equal – WW herself says that PG is “at least” as strong and fast as she is, indicating she thinks PG might be a bit more of both. But WW is a much, much better fighter and that makes all the difference. It does in this fight and it should in every WW vs. Superman fight, though this reality is rarely used consistently. A skilled fighter is going to easily beat an unskilled fighter 99% of the time. A skilled fighter who is almost as physically strong as the unskilled fighter is just that much more formidable. Also, it should be noted that WW’s bracelets actually REDUCE her power. She wears them to help her control her full strength. There have been a few times – like when she fought Doomsday in the Superman/WW series -where she has removed her bracelets so she can access all of her power.

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