Sad JLA: Wonder Woman

Merry Christmas!  What better way to enjoy a day of peace, happiness, and a slight buzz than with Wonder Woman’s turn for an emotional breakdown?  Luckily in JLA #105, written by Chuck Austen and drawn by Ron Garney, our Amazonian takes up half the issue with a fight — the way I like my Wonder Woman (awesome).



I wouldn’t worry if you don’t know the baddie she’s tangling with — the supervillain debuted in this issue, never gets a name, and we never hear about her again.  But she can hold her own again Wonder Woman, a superhero who can Jason Bourne any household item into a beatdown-able weapon.





How cool was that?  Her skin can deflect high caliber bullets and explosions much less axes (hence why her costume looks more like an Olympian swimsuit than a costume — or maybe sexism, I have no idea), but Wonder Woman can totally be taken down if hit hard enough.  Remember Superman’s death?  With all his kryptonite and magic weaknesses, he died from being punched too hard.  While Wonder Woman actually possesses no such weaknesses — thus making her far scarier than Superman in terms of combat strategies — she still remains vulnerable to beatings.  More importantly, the fight ends in a very un-Wonder Woman manner:



Unlike her other Justice League buddies, her tears don’t spawn from her failings or traumatic sights. No sadness rays emanate from the unconscious supervillain.  Dirt or glass didn’t get in her eyes.  It’s not allergy season.  But whatever her teary origin, at least Wonder Woman knows she can always rely on the loving support and care of her teammates — who only wish for her happiness and well-being.



Maybe Martian Manhunter is just concerned she’ll bleed all over the furniture.  Look, despite the martian’s revelations last issue, not everyone adjusts as fast as the Man of Steel.  Superman’s better than all of us for a reason.  Remember Superman’s mistake back when he let a new superhero accidentally explode?  Y’see, he feels he has a duty to watch the kid play or whatever while he hides in trees and hovers above him.  It’s supposed to be sweet and not creepy.  Especially because of what happens next.  But before all that, Superman can do more than laser vision baddies or create cyclones — he can heal broken hearts as well.  Also, we knowing that Superman and Wonder Woman are currently dating in the New 52 makes this moment far more sentimental:



I looked it up — “sinced” is an actual word.  Batman gets his turn on Friday, and it’ll be full of brooding.  Plus he makes a child cry.

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