Thor vs. Storm

Hard to pick a side, right?  Thor, the ye ol’ Aryan god with a heart and hammer both equally large, versus Storm, the X-Men powerhouse and leaderwho somehow finds Wolverine attractive.  But luckily for you today, you don’t have to break your heart rooting for one superhero over the other.  Y’see, this fight in Black Panther #25, written by Reginald Hudlin and drawn by Marcus To, takes place during the Marvel event Civil War.  And Thor wasn’t around during it.

With morality pretty much siding with Captain America, our dear Iron Man figures he might as well go full-on mad scientist.  After all, when the story portrays Iron Man as the villain (sort of?), he embraces the opportunity by creating a robot Thor using stolen DNA and Mr. Fantastic’s desperate gamble.  So today, Storm does battle Thor, just not Thor Thor.




We underestimate Storm’s power sometimes.  She doesn’t have the durability of an Asgardian, but no one looks cooler summoning thunderstorms.  Y’know, I don’t know if Storm could win against the real Thor.  Though to be fair, neither could 98% of the Marvel universe — but you know superheroes, part of the contract includes playing really terrible odds.



Apparently, Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic programmed misogyny into the robot as well.  The real Thor’s nothing if not a gentleman.  Chivalry tops the list of Asgardian traits, right after smushing frost giants and maintaining a mead buzz.



I wouldn’t say Invisible Woman (mother of two) used great word choice there, but the idea’s still solid. While Storm could probably win the fight on her own, superheroes tend to be busy and spending hours fighting robots takes a lot of valuable time away that they could spend fighting non-robots.  Plus, teamwork and whatnot.




When creative and interesting plans fall through (precise EMP blast, for instance), brute force always works as a fall back plan.  Robot Thor shows up a few times after this, but nothing wildly significant.

On a similar subject, I wonder if Storm ever fought Electro?

4 Comments on “Thor vs. Storm”

  1. Js says:

    For the life of me, I will never understand how more people didn’t like the Black Panther’s book. It was just so full of amazing cool stuff. From tactical brilliance, to brutal ass kickery, solutions to problems that involved cleverness and the ability to stay two steps ahead of the enemy… and some hilarious comedy.

    The book was amazing, and it stayed strong even after it was cancelled and restarted with Shuri bearing the mantle. Doom War was where I lost track of the panthers, and it seems that about then is when Marvel put the, on the back burner anyway.

    Seeing T’challa, Ororo, Shuri, and the rest step up and take on all comers was a thrill. Anyone who hasn’t read them should try and find them.

    Thank you so much for putting this story up.

  2. Adam lockley says:

    Well storm didn’t really beat thor she beat robot thor and with he help of sue storm and that other guy so yeah the real thor would whoop her ass

  3. bill sims says:

    Storm is really powerful.

  4. Joker says:

    Storm is not quite powerful. Thor is more powerful.

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