The amazing Mary Jane Watson

If you’ve read the most recent issue of Superior Spider-Man #28, written by Dan Slott and drawn by Giuseppe Camuncoli — and you really should be reading that series — you noticed once again, Spider-Man’s ex-girlfriend/demonic pact maker being a total badass:



Despite her only superpower being super good looking, her years and years at Peter Parker’s side has pretty much scattered any remaining fear she could once feel.  How many times has she been thrown off buildings?  Chased by supervillains?  Been kidnapped and held hostage?  Nothing can scare this woman anymore.

Today, we’ll take a look at the most recent time she’s been totally awesome in Amazing Spider-Man #670-672, written by Slott and drawn by Humberto Ramos.  Remember the Marvel event Spider Island where everyone in the city gains Spider-Man’s powers?  Then they turn into giant spider monsters? We jump halfway into the event, where only one solitary New Yorker remains unaffected by all these spider enhancements.



And her current outfit still covers far more skin than most female superheroes’ costumes.  Look, I know so many comic book readers rose up in anger after Mephisto dissolved Peter and Mary Jane’s marriage.  But c’mon, we’re all intelligent people, right?  The status quo always returns, just like superheroes when they die.  It may take another five years, a decade, maybe even longer, but the two are destined to get back together.  We all know they’ll end up married again, so can’t we just enjoy a single Spider-Man for a while?  Seriously, after my friends and family, there’s nothing I love more than superheroes, and we must trust that the writers know what they’re doing — negativity only drains creativity and passion.  From everyone.  Stop the angry YouTube rants.

Oh, and Mary Jane punches spider monsters:



Darn tootin’ she is.  And the reason she spawned those powers so late in the arc?  Spoiler alert: it’s a gross reason.


So like most Spider-Man stories, our hero can’t win the day on muscles alone.  He has to use all that scientific genius he possesses when he’s not chucking around trucks.  But you know a delicate procedure like reversing and halting the mass extinction of a city can’t be disturbed and distracted by an army of man-spiders.  Spider-Man needs a bodyguard.





Gorgeous last panel.  Mary Jane singlehandedly holds off the oncoming horde as Spider-Man saves the city/brags about it.  Even though Superior Spider-Man ends in five issues, hopefully that’ll still be plenty of pages to have Mary Jane take on some more goblin baddies.  Plus, now we can see Doctor Octopus re-learn the lesson he’s realized so many times before: there’s always someone smarter than him.  And just like Breaking Bad, no matter how awful a person Otto Octavius reveals himself to be in the next few issues, I really want him to win.


8 Comments on “The amazing Mary Jane Watson”

  1. The K.o.T. says:

    Loving this site. Life-long comic reader, can’t afford to get everything I want to anymore- relegated to trades I can find at the library for newer comics. But here I get the enjoyable CliffsNotes on all the awesome that’s going/gone down.

    • Jason Levine says:

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! You’re a super awesome person!

      • The K.o.T. says:

        Also- your positivity is amazing. It’s something you don’t see in many comic-readers, especially online- and that’s sad…

    • furyoffirestorm78 says:

      Same here. I either keep up via TPBs from my library (which manages to have a nicely stocked array of the latest X-Men and Spider-Man trades) or buying them at a huge discount from They have awesome sales, like the new She-Hulk:The Complete Dan Slott Collection, Vol. 1 for $20 (instead of the cover price of $35), or The Legion Of Super Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga – Deluxe Edition for $10! Even better, all orders over $50 get free shipping!

      • The K.o.T. says:

        Right on. Plus- I don’t know how your library is- but my local library has a website and you can search the books of every library in The State- and add anything yours does not have to your queue on your account and they will ship it to you at your branch to pickup/check out. Makes it really nice with comics- because no branch ever has that huge of a selection to begin with.
        That’s cool, man. -Good plug, thanks for the info.
        I like the pose Mary Jane is in on the 6th scan- but then I like Humberto Ramos’ art a lot anyways… I like seeing MJ be all bad-ass! -Reminds me of the time she beat The Chameleon half to death with a baseball bat! I prefer that MJ over constantly worrying and crying MJ.

  2. That pose she does in the sixth page you scanned looks way awkward. Also, if you think this is the first time that Mary Jane’s been affected by Petey’s love juice, think again. In the Spider-Man: Reign story, MJ died because of her constant exposure to Mr. Parker’s toxic baby batter. Yeah, it was basically a “What If” story, but it was still a published story.

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