Kitty Pryde’s rebound boyfriend Iceman

I like Kitty Pryde, not just because she’s one of the few superheroes we’ve seen grow up over the decades (like DC’s super popular Nightwing), but because her moral integrity remains immensely strong — even when it only serves to ruin her day.  So many X-Men waver that good/evil line (like the two current faction leaders Cyclops and Wolverine).  And while the Marvel universe allows their superheroes to explore their dark sides before returning back to the light, we’ve never had that problem with dear Kitty.  Which causes a horrific mess of her personal life.  We’ll explore the full Kitty/Iceman relationship in the following issues:
Wolverine and the X-Men #14, written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Jorge Molina
Wolverine and the X-Men #15, written by Aaron and drawn by Molina
Wolverine and the X-Men #24, written by Aaron and drawn by David Lopez
Wolverine and the X-Men #32, written by Aaron and drawn by Nick Bradshaw
Wolverine and the X-Men #34, written by Aaron and drawn by Bradshaw
Wolverine and the X-Men #37, written by Aaron and drawn by Giuseppe Camuncoli
X-Men: Battle of the Atom #2, written by Aaron and drawn by Camuncoli & Esad Ribic

But before Kitty can become madly infatuated with Iceman, she has to take care of one loose end: her current boyfriend Colossus.  For some background, we start smack in the middle of the Marvel event Avengers vs. X-Men.  Currently, the Phoenix Force has inhabited five X-Men (including Colossus).  It gives them godlike powers, but y’know how godlike powers end up — evil.  You can click the second picture below for a larger version.



You can probably guess what Kitty wants to discuss.  Y’see, she’s concerned the Phoenix power is being misused or brainwashing or whatever it did that last few times it made Jean Grey a supervillain. But c’mon, those who fear the Phoenix Force simply don’t understand its capabilities and don’t trust its users — like those pesky Avengers.  And Kitty.



Way to confirm all her suspicions, Colossus.  Tantrums and anger are associated with bad guys.  The good guys get depression and guilt.  Except for Wolverine, who gets all four.  Now in a normal fight, Kitty could probably take Colossus as super strength and durability can’t really protect from Kitty’s phasing thingie.  But now he’s a god and Kitty’s wearing her nicest dress; still can’t fault her for trying.




Lighting your girlfriend on fire usually signals a looming breakup.  Colossus, purged of the Phoenix power near the end of the event, nowadays returns to fighting the good fight.  But Kitty won’t date him anymore — she prefers men who haven’t threatened to destroy her school with all-consuming god fire.


She’s amazing, isn’t she?  We assume if Kitty joined the X-Men as a preteen, she’s probably in her early to mid-twenties in current day.  And my goodness has maturity and responsibility smashed her in her tired soul.  School Headmaster Wolverine spends every other issue slashing ninjas, leaving Kitty in charge of the entire place.  But if you’re a fan of strong, powerful women (and I don’t mean in the physical manner) then feel free to root for Professor Pryde.  And honestly, she needs someone lighthearted and silly after that whole Colossus debacle.



Ready for their first date (nine issues later)?  It combines all the soap opera of the X-Men with the horrible awkwardness of actual dating in your 20s.  I mean, if we all had superpowers and ran a school for mutants and saved the world multiple times and had both previously dated supervillains.



But Kitty’s smart.  And she makes a suggestion that saves both of them from explaining to a hungover Wolverine why they came back wafting an uncomfortable aura combo of friendzone and blatant lies. I’m kidding, of course.  Wolverine doesn’t care how their date goes.





I cut Iceman’s romantic final line (it was attached to Wolverine/Storm flirting), but I’ll write it here.
Kitty: “We’re X-Men.  We don’t get to grow up and live happily ever after.”
Iceman: “Maybe not … But at least we’re growing up.”
Cue the kissing.  I know he’s a fictional character and all, but even I felt a slight attraction to him after that killer comeback.  And so the two date for about thirteen issues.  Like all superhero couples, they bond mainly through missions, because banter in between jump kicks makes for fun dialogue.  Oh, and if you’re not familiar with Iceman’s expanded power set, this should fill in all the blanks.




And the beauty of Iceman’s ice mech:



But then came the X-Men crossover event Battle of the Atom.  If you’re not familiar, Beast brought the five original X-Men from the past to convince misguided present-day Cyclops of his wrongdoing.  But then they became stuck in the present and joined Wolverine’s school under Kitty’s mentoring.  Like all good comic books, this caused the future X-Men to transport to the present and attempted to force the original X-Men to go back to the past.  It’s complicated.  Even the battle scenes:


I’ll do my best to explain some back story before Kitty yells at everyone and we end the article. Wolverine’s group (including Iceman) attempted to send the original X-Men back without the original X-Men’s consent — Kitty sees that as abandoning them, not protecting them, etc.  Cyclops’ group jumped at the chance to allow these five to do whatever they darn-tootin’ want to do.  Kitty agrees with Cyclops.  And that effectively ends Kitty and Iceman’s relationship.




Iceman and Kitty’ll both land on their dating feet soon enough.  They gave it a good run, but you can’t hope to outrun the dreaded status quo.  Though no matter how emasculating Kitty’s final words were, she’ll always be better than Mystique.

3 Comments on “Kitty Pryde’s rebound boyfriend Iceman”

  1. furyoffirestorm78 says:

    Thanks for catching me up, Jason! I definitely have to get the newest Wolverine & The X-Men tpbs.

  2. PH says:

    Actually, Kitty already broke up with Colossus from Uncanny X-men #540. The reason for the break-up was because Colossus has taken a martyrdom complex which Kitty didn’t want to deal with anymore. The problem with Jason Aaron is he makes little to no effort reading back issues for the characters he’s writing.

    I never was a fan of the Kitty and Iceman relationship because it didn’t felt believable. It felt “forced”.

  3. Reimi says:

    The irony is that Iceman, Kitty, & Mystique are all in gay relationships now.

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