Aquaman and Mera meet again

Aquaman continues with his merry wet life after Mera accuses him of having weak genes, murdering their child, and then whirlpooling away from him forever and ever.  And in the mid-1990s, because everything had to be extreme with lots of ‘tude, Aquaman received a makeover as well.  He no longer wears a shirt, had one of his replaced hands with a hook, and grew a beard to show off his shirtless hook-hand ruggedness.  But today in Aquaman #11-15, written by Peter David and drawn by Marty Egeland & J. Calafiore, that painful reminder of his past (Mera) returns once more for a weird story involving multiple dimensions and demons and alternative Aquamans.  But first, this:



Meet Aquaman’s paramour Dolphin.  Not the animal, you probably already know about those.  That’s her only name too, by the way.  She has all the normal Aquaman-like superpowers and eventually gets impregnated by Aquaman’s sidekick Aqualad.  But because we’re reading a comic book, we save lengthy discussions for after the post-coital fistfight.  Why explain when you can punch?





Of course this has to happen.  Young boys read comics, and young boys want two women to headbutt each other fighting over their man.  You’re probably wondering where she went these five years she’s been absent (well, real time for five years, DC universe time for a few months).  Don’t you worry, she’ll tell you — after some more cattiness.





See?  I told you this arc was strange.  That’s an alternative dimension Aquaman-like dude called Thanatos.  I’m telling you this mainly because I’m skipping over his entire storyline.  He’s abusive, evil, and dating/stuck with Mera or whatever their alternative dimension relationship status is.  Y’see, after Aquaman, Mera, and Dolphin travel to Mera’s current home, Aquaman fights in jungles, gladiator arenas, and the French Revolution.  Seriously.  You should buy this book if you want to see Aquaman on a guillotine.




It’s actually a place called the Netherworld, but close enough to Hell.  I know the series sets up for a love triangle (though brief) between Aquaman, Dolphin, and Mera, but the back of our minds know the truth.  Aquaman and Mera are meant for each other.  Look, Spider-Man can date whoever he wants. It’s fun.  It’s good for drama and story.  But we all know the end result — he’ll eventually get back with Mary Jane because they’re meant for each other.  So let Aquaman have his dalliances, his hook-hand mid-life crisis, and all the delightful soap opera that comes with Aquaman and Mera’s history — but we know the end result.  Even if it takes years (and it does).





They find a way back to their own dimension through Aquaman’s wizard frenemy.  Aquaman and Mera don’t get back together for another fifty-ish issues or so.  After all, they have a Mariana Trench worth of problems and history to work out.  Oh, and also this:




Next time, we begin the long road to reconciliation!  Let’s all get excited for love!

6 Comments on “Aquaman and Mera meet again”

  1. Gecho says:

    I always loved Mera, at least until Michelinie got the idea to kill her kid and screw up her life. She was a Queen, a wife, a mother, and a powerhouse who never lost her regal poise – in short, a feminist icon. And she was a happy, sane, reasonable person who was much more interesting than her husband. Compare her with some of her contemporaries. Iris West: Emasculating bitch. Carol Ferris: Emasculating bitch and part-time supervillain. Jean Loring: Emasculating bitch later retconned into a complete monster. Lois Lane: Loved Superman and constantly tried to prove it by exposing his identity. Steve Trevor: Useless chauvinist with way too high an opinion of himself. Mera and Shayera Hol were the only DC heroes’ partners who were admirable to me, probably because they were allowed to be heroes in their own right.

  2. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    The best part about Thanatos is that he’s wearing the “deep sea camouflage” outfit that Aquaman wore in his first post-Crisis mini series. A lot of people hated it, but I actually liked it. It was a nice change of pace after wearing the same orange and green chainmail getup for 40 years.

  3. Reid Vanier says:

    I have the first 36 issues of the Peter David run of Aquaman – it’s one of my favourite books ever. It’s deliciously ridiculous, even by the standards of the 1990s.

  4. TheDCHatter says:

    If Damian Wayne ever decides to make his own Teen Titans/Young Justice group A.J. would be a cool addition aging to Damian’s age could be presented with a revamp of the Netherspace story.

    Seems like a cool story might see if I can find it at a shop.

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