Aquaman and Mera’s reconciliation, Pt. 2

It’s time for newly shaven, suave Aquaman to go reclaim his ex-wife.  He rocks a bejeweled headband, a cool new vest, and enough bracelets sure enough for Mera to swoon over and fall back in love.  That’s how relationships work.  As we left off last time, Mera came back to normal Earth after an extended stay raising her son in the alternative dimension Netherworld ocean.  But with her new man-elf squid-tree boyfriend Noble, Aquaman’s going to have to fight to win her back — and not his normal method of punching.  Look, I love Aquaman, but he lacks a lot of useful traits that makes a women want to be with him (like say, charisma), so let’s see how his abs do.




Poor Aquaman.  It’s not going to be very easy, or else I wouldn’t have needed a second part.  I guess it makes sense that her wedding dress is a bikini/scarf combo, as I imagine a more ornate dress wouldn’t do well underwater, but we should admire Mera for as I’m now coining this brand-new phrase, “doing her own thing.”  Mera’s a strong, independent woman, gosh darn it.



We all liked his beard.  No matter what side you take in this Aquaman/Mera relationship drama, we can all agree on the beard.  Luckily, because Aquaman has stuff like abs, royalty, superpowers, etc., he rebounds immediately.  Like in the exact same issue Mera decides they should just be friends. And thus begins seven issues of Mera exclaiming “I’m in love with both of these men!” and Aquaman attempting to do normal stuff he’s not great at, like make jokes and not be super jealous.





I’m not joking about Mera voicing her dilemma for seven issues.  I’ve included more of her soul searching below.  But more importantly, Aquaman’s rebound girl doesn’t work out, and not just because the title of our article today gives away the spoiler that Aquaman and Mera get back together.  No, there’s a good reason why.  One that I never want you to forget as long as you live. Remember that for all of Aquaman’s accomplishments (ex. saving the world), he dated this woman:


In a plot twist I’m not going to properly explain, Aquaman’s mother comes back from the grave.



Look, I’ll be honest with you: their actual reconciliation is fairly anti-climactic.  We all pretty much knew what was happening, but Aquaman, Noble, and Mera fight some water demons, Noble gets hurt, and Mera changes her mind.  That’s it.  You’ll be thinking I’m skipping some important pages, but I’m not.  So for your information and eventual Aquaman fan site, I present to you the moment they became husband and wife for a second time.  And have never broken up since.




When a couple gets remarried, it’s not official until that special moment the two bone in a palace while fish try to explain sex to each other.  As we end today, I hope you once again believe in love again. That’s always been my primary goal.  Talking about comics is a distant second.  We’re not done with Aquaman yet!  One more article on Monday!


3 Comments on “Aquaman and Mera’s reconciliation, Pt. 2”

  1. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    Totally agree with Mera and Indigo about Arthur’s beard.

    That part with the fish at the end was super weird, even for comics.

  2. TheDCHattet says:

    That green suit Arthur is sporting kinda screams Namor to me.

    Last panel is hilarious.

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