The Batman and Daredevil team up 2

[Ed. Note: I’m feeling better.  I promised myself I would get to 500 articles, so I hope you’ll enjoy the final fifty articles as much as I’ll enjoy writing them!  Until I’m back to 100%, I’m going to cut down to two articles a week – I appreciate your support far more than you would ever imagine.)

Last time the Man Without Fear and the Dark Knight crossed pathes, they basically spent the entire issue seeing who had the bigger wiener.  We all know the winner: Superman.  His perfection doesn’t end at the belly button, my friends.  In their second team up, Batman/Daredevil: King of New York, Daredevil begins our story by traveling the mysterious dimensional gap of DC/Marvel cities to Gotham City.  I know the story’s called King of New York.  Just go with me here.

Daredevil’s following Catwoman, who stole something valuable or whatever.  But because all good team ups must begin with fisticuffs, Batman’s going to show up to wreck whatever information party Daredevil hoped to figure out.  Cue the initial brawl:




These two constantly seem to forget that they’re normal dudes who can’t do stuff like fly or land safely on the ground without transforming into superhero goo.  And while I know Daredevil attempted to interrupt Batman, the crooks are going to figure out who’s on their tail when Daredevil tackles his superhero counterpart in clear view while they both fall to their deaths.  Truthfully, Daredevil’s actions only serve for us to witness a cool acrobatic free-for-all between Batman and him.  And it’s awesome. I never need context for stuff like that.





Thus begins round two of their big wiener contest.  The stakes are just as high as last time (nothing). But here’s the summary of their current squabble: both Gotham City and New York City are awful places that create the most unnecessarily toughest people to ever walk the comic book universe. But it’s their super awful places.






The story takes Daredevil’s bad guy Kingpin and Batman’s bad guy Scarecrow to New York City where the Scarecrow plans to unleash a mega bomb of fear toxin that will destroy the tough people of New York City.  Earlier, Kingpin betrayed Scarecrow – y’know, because they’re both supervillains and that’s why every time the Injustice League gets formed, it eventually dissolves into infighting and misery – and now Kingpin’s getting his revenge.  These next two pages aren’t important to the story, but they’re important for my heart and soul.



As required in a team up, our two superheroes face their buddy’s supervillain.  I’m skipping Batman versus Kingpin, but only because the Daredevil versus Scarecrow fight is so much better.  The baddie can’t beat Daredevil in a fistfight, so he has to use that magical fear gas of his.  But Daredevil’s the Man Without Fear, right?  See?  I told you their fight was better.




Victory for our heroes, who never meet again.  Luckily, I found a bunch of other crossovers, so next time we’ll have Batman team up with another Marvel superhero.  Hint: this one doesn’t banter or smile.  He only wears shirts with white skulls.  His name starts with “P” and ends with “-unisher.”

8 Comments on “The Batman and Daredevil team up 2”

  1. Anthony says:

    Oh no! This is the blog that got me into comics. I will miss it when 500 hits.

  2. Nick says:

    Great to see you feeling beter go go go!

  3. QWestion says:

    So when 500 hits, you’ll be all done? No more? Ever?

    Then i’ll thank you now for the posts that you have shared 🙂 You’ve done an amazing job

  4. Jeremy Sander says:

    Whenever I used to read the Kingpin, I would “hear” a deep gruff voice, like in the ’67 Spidey cartoon. Since I read Bendis’ run on DD, I hear James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano. It’s fun to do that with certain stories. Makes them downright insane, some times.

    Hope you get through the dark rides and enjoy the sunny highways soon. Everything sucks for everyone, but breathing in and breathing out help… I’d say so can music, but sometimes that’s a trigger for things best left alone until stronger days. Find some dogs to hang out with, young pups or old ghost face’s, they have an honesty and charm that can help recharge.

    I’m tempted to trade stories with you, a misery shared is a misery halved and all that, but this is not the place to air dirty laundry.

    You matter.
    People notice what you go through.
    Take your solace from where you can get it, and if it’s from these funny books and writing these articles that laugh at and celebrate them, know you have an audience who always look forward to your next one.

  5. HHFractal says:

    Hey, I just want to say thanks for all your work. I love reading your blog, and your articles are always a ray of sunshine.

    Thanks for everything!

  6. FuryOfFirestorm says:

    Glad you’re feeling better, but I’m going to miss your awesome articles when you hit 500!

  7. nicholas says:

    I’m so glad you’re back! I’ll be sad when you stop writing.

    I don’t know that it matters, because you don’t know me at all, but I feel like we’re friends. I’ve had your words in my head so often for a while now.

    Feel better.

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