Murdering with Punisher and Elektra

In Punisher comics, writers tend to use noir-like text boxes to show Frank Castle’s thoughts, since the guys mainly communicates in grunts and bullets.  Keep track of all the dialogue today: the Punisher speaks eleven words, which is usually the minimum Spider-Man says every single time he opens his mouth.

Today, we’re checking 0ut Punisher #27, volume 4, written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Tom Mandrake.  Ennis would later go on to write the Punisher Max series, and I’d be lying to say that isn’t one of my favorite collections of all time.  Read it if you care about yourself.  And are over 18 — it’s saucy.  Anyway, Castle’s having a normal night.  Tracking criminals during the day, blowing their brains out at night.


Until something different happens.



Meet Elektra, the former lover of Daredevil and quite possibly the most dangerous assassin in the world.  She costs a bijillion dollars a kill and can stand up to superheroes and villains of all powers and abilities.  If Elektra shows up, someone’s about to be dead — that seems to be the general consensus in the Marvel universe.

Back to our story, let’s not jump to conclusions.  Both the Punisher and Elektra are certifiable killers, and it’s not crazy to believe they’re after the same target.  Plus, the Punisher saves a bullet, especially useful considering he doesn’t have a day job or income or friends.  Chalking it up to chance, the next day Castle heads off to cap his next target.



Elektra’s been trained by The Hand ninja cult, which likes to get up close and sharp with their enemies.  See all those limbless and headless dudes?  Probably a good sign Castle lost the race.


Since Castle’s just a normal non-powered old man, he relies heavily on strategy and planning.  And while the guy can take a bullet or five more than you and I can using just sheer willpower, he’s survived for so long by playing smart.  Elektra showing up twice sets off a few alarms and he doesn’t understand what she’s trying to say.  But whatever it is, the message is loud and clear:



The mystery thickens to the inevitable conclusion, because eventually Castle’ll get the jump on the ninja lady.  Well, at least tie.  Finally, he’s after Skinny Vic Strega, a bad dude with an ironic nickname.



Buckle in, because time to this wrap baby up.  No way out except the window, and the Punisher has that way covered.  Whatever game Elektra’s playing, it’s game over now.  The two can sit down and sort this out once and for all.  Or a bloody ninja fight.  One of the two.


C’mon, that’s pretty funny for the Punisher.  Though I bet Elektra has a way to kill him with a human heart.  Maybe suffocation or toxins or something.  I dunno, I’m not a scientist.  Oh, and why has she been messing with him the whole week?



There you have it.  When a super wealthy ninja gets antsy, she fools around with vigilantes to keep herself entertained.  Maybe we’re all better off with comic books being fiction.  Plus, Marvel’s New York City gets blown up once a month.

As Elektra and Punisher part ways, our hero stumbles upon some last minute thoughts.  Dangerous thoughts, and the entire reason I picked this issue.



Who says the Punisher doesn’t have a type?

8 Comments on “Murdering with Punisher and Elektra”

  1. Very enjoyable post. You made me want to read a whole bunch of Punisher comics. That doesn’t happen often.

    • Jason Levine says:

      Thank you! By the way, I’ve checked out your website several times and I adore it. You’ve given me a bunch of ideas for future articles and I really appreciate it!

  2. Dan Legue says:

    When I see the Punisher, he reminds me of Golgo 13. Check out the opening theme. It would fit in perfectly for a potential Punisher: The animated series done in the same format as Golgo 13. Don’t you agree?

    Here is the link to Golgo 13:

    Let me know if you like this series theme song.

    • Jason Levine says:

      I do like this theme song! I would love to see if anyone could pull off a Punisher animated series, because the noir vibe is so hard to do. Still, it’s nice to have dreams.

  3. Mac says:

    “Who says the Punisher doesn’t have a type?”

    Looks like we’re going to see more of that

    • Jason Levine says:

      Good for Punisher getting some action, but I still stick by my theory that he always smells absolutely terrible.

      • Mac says:

        … Well I’ve been reading the the Punisher since 1990 and he’s not some bum. In fact there is an issue from the 80’s or 90’s (it could have been from The Punisher Armory comics) where he does address this issue, that he’s aware of it, the places that he goes to kill the bad guys but he of course does something about it. For him not do anything about it wouldn’t make any sense. He’s a top professional in his line of work, he’s not going ignore something like that……… so much for this conversation…

  4. lolroflmaodq says:

    punisher and elektra oddly fitting

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