The friendship of X-23 & Jubilee

X-23 spends most of her solo series slashing and moping.  That girl may be many things, but happy isn’t one of them.  It sorta comes with the territory of being a Wolverine clone.  Well, that and the test tube birth and being raised since birth to be a merciless killer child.  So now that she’s free of all that evil lab experiment Winter Soldier-esque stuff, dear X-23 (real name Laura Kinney — kind of) has the task of forgiving herself, picking up all those shattered self-esteem pieces, and figuring out her new path in life.  And shaving her back — she’s a Wolverine clone after all.  Gambit accompanies her on her find-herself journey and today in X-23 #10-12, written by Majorie Liu and drawn by Sana Takeda, our cajun role model figures maybe she could use a pep talk.




See Laura’s slash-first-ask-questions-later policy?  What better proof do you need that she’s Wolverine’s clone?  He claws dudes for ordering light beers at bars, much less possible vampire attacks.  But Wolverine showed up not just to force Jubilee on her — possible friend her age and whatnot — but for that brief moment of sage advice a fellow Wolverine can bring.


The point Wolverine attempts to make to girl Wolverine lies in our two protagonists teaching each other.  Jubilee needs to learn how to calm her newly spawned killer instincts and X-23 must learn how to not be a sad sack every moment of her life.  By the way, because there’s no other place to put this — the two will meet again in the penultimate issue of X-23 and they go dancing at a club.  Jubilee still has her famous yellow raincoat on amid all the rave lights and attractive people grinding, so my only conclusion is that’s part of her skin now.

Oh, and now X-23 does some questionable.




Aside from X-23’s recent attempted suicides (healing factor can’t really kill her, so it’s more of an emo teenage girl cutting scenario), her sacrifice serves a greater purpose.  For one, she can’t turn into a vampire due to her being a Rule 63 Wolverine.  But because the Marvel universe can bend the rules on the limitations of mythical monsters, every vampire bloodsucker also absorbs the memories and thoughts, like a creepier version of Rogue.  Or maybe just her.  I’m not an expert on this.






While X-23 has the the PTSD childhood that would make the sternest therapist cry, she makes a good point to Jubilee while simultaneously knocking off any possible responsibility for the lesson.  X-23 totally understands the desire to kill everyone, that’s pretty much her whole gimmick.  It’s good for both of them to have someone relatable to hang out with.  Wolverine spent decades perfecting his zen — accepting and forgiving his past mistakes — something teenage girls can’t do with a wrong number text much less a former murder spree.  But since we’re reading a superhero comic, we’ll soon get to an incident that requires superhero intervention.  Though first, dress shopping:



And now the superheroics:



Let’s talk about trigger scent for a minute.  You know how Wolverine goes into his “berserker mode” anytime someone hits him with a bazooka or smokes his last cigar?  That primal attack-everyone-aiming-for-squishy-parts with his loved ones screaming for him to stop?  The scientists who created X-23 developed a gas that causes the same reaction to her, and as you can suspect from the massive foreshadowing above, our protagonist inhales a whole crapload of that stuff.  Here’s Feral X-23 vs. Vampire Jubilee:





Jubilee can’t beat X-23.  Sure, the vampire blood makes her faster, stronger, and more undead than Laura, but X-23 has adamantium claws and a lifetime of combat training.  Luckily, the adults won’t let children slice open other children, much like myself when I taught middle school.



Happy ending for all except Wolverine’s kidney.  Jubilee feels a fraction of a bit better for her predicament and X-23’s about to receive her own marginally improved emotional stability from our dear mall rat.  The irony in Jubilee being undead is that no one enjoys living more than her.  A zest for life that can only be brought from (formerly) shooting fireworks from your hands.





8 Comments on “The friendship of X-23 & Jubilee”

  1. Reblogged this on Twilit Dreams Circle and commented:

  2. Nice series of posts on Vampire Jubilee. I was a big fan of the character in the early 1990s when I was a teenager. Much as Kitty Pryde did for young readers a decade earlier, Jubilee was someone who I could identify with somewhat, and who served as a solid POV character for new readers to learn about the world of the X-Men.

    It’s interesting to see what’s been done with her in the last several years. I am glad to see that even though Jubilee is now a member of the undead, she has not changed too much in personality. I think that the only story I’ve really read with her recently was her team-up with Captain America in A+X. That was pretty good, although like most of the other pieces from that series it would probably have worked better as a full issue story that had more roon for the characters to be explored.

    Looking forward to your rundown on how Jubilee became a mother. That I am totally in the dark about.

  3. healed1337 says:

    When Jubilee was first turned into a vampire, it felt like a gimmick to cash in on the Twilight craze. It didn’t help that Curse of the Mutants was mediocre when it could have been awesome. But since then, so many interesting things have been done with Jubilee as a character. And there really needs to be more comics with Jubilee and X-23 together, especially since Wolverine is dying soon.

  4. I’m not a scientist, nor a doctor, so I don’t know how far my word will go, but Laura Kinney, X-23, is not a clone. Wolverine’s DNA coupled with that of Dr.Kinney to fill the chromosomal gaps… Genetic material from two parents makes her his daughter, not his clone.

    It bothers me that people keep saying she is a clone and not his child. I know she is fictional, but reducing her to a simple copy reduces her as a character. It bothers me almost as much as seeing writers/artists/fan art reduce her to a sexy plaything, I mean she’s all of what 16? That is not legal age in most places, as far as I know. Add to that the character’s history of emotional trauma and some of the darker aspects of her back story regarding sex and it’s like the fans themselves are adding to that burden.

    Whatever… I’m tired and ranting, thanks for giving me a soapbox to yammer on from. 🙂

    • Verenkutoja says:

      You are wrong about the age, 16 is legal age in most Countries outside of the U.S, but it is a shame that they take such a decent character and reduce her to sexualized material all the same. But that is typically what is done with female comic book characters, right? It is pretty much unfortunately all par for the course.

  5. Ryan says:

    Thank you for all these posts, it made me like Jubilee as a character even more 😀

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